About - Regina Rose Photography

Welcome to Regina Rose Photography, offering fine art photographs from my travels, and notecards featuring some of Paris' iconic sights, ever-changing street art and eclectic flea markets.

First, a quick note about my name, Regina Rose. Born on August 22, the Catholic feast day celebrating the Queenship of Mary (who is also referred to as Our Lady of Roses), my given names were suggested by the nuns in my parents’ church. A poetic start, to be sure, but unfortunately one that also sealed my fate as the recipient of countless well intentioned, but not always tasteful gifts bearing roses (Funny, I’ve never had a similar aversion to jewels or crowns!).

Wide Vistas

Growing up in a family of eight kids, travel -- let alone international travel -- was not part of my reality. Yet, from a relatively young age, I knew I was destined for wider vistas. I was the first to leave home for college. And four years later, with a suitcase full of tragically thin sweaters only a girl from Southern California could think would get her through a Boston winter, I left for graduate school.

It was a long weekend in Montreal in 1984 that first piqued my passion for travel (and for my partner of nearly 30 years, but that’s another story). After graduate school, I worked first as a children’s advocate, and then for nearly 20 years in HIV/AIDS policy and advocacy in San Francisco, DC and internationally. During that time, Larry and I traveled to more than 25 countries, and while Oakland, CA will always be our touchstone, we have been fortunate at times to also call Oaxaca, Geneva, Rome and Paris home.      

History or Muse?

I have loved all our travels…but there is something about Paris. When asked why, I often find myself at a loss for words. Perhaps, as a child, I was inspired by my mom’s story of my great-grandfather, a French soldier who left Paris for New Mexico in the 1860s. I don’t know what it is, but I keep going back for more, and I often feel the city, as much as I see it, through the lens of my camera.

Regina Rose Notecards

This website features some of my favorite travel photographs, all shot since 2009 using a Nikon. Blank notecards featuring some of my favorite images from Paris are sold through my Etsy shop and in a growing number of stationery and gift stores

Looking through these images always makes me want to reach for my passport. I hope you enjoy my photographs, and that they inspire you too.